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Birds (птицы)
   Среди большого разнообразия животных, распространенных на Украине, особенное место принадлежит птицам. Они встречаются практически в любом уголке природи и везде является очень заметными. Птица привлекает внимание своим звонким и мелодичным пением, разнообразной и часто яркой, красивой расцветкой, грациозным полетом, интересным поведением, своеобразными...
   Among the wide variety of animals, common in Ukraine, a special place belongs to the birds. They are found in virtually every corner of nature and everywhere is very noticeable. Bird attracting attention for its sonorous and melodic singing, varied and often vivid, beautiful colors, graceful flight, interesting behavior, a kind of...

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Opening of hunt in Ukraine 2010/2011
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Hunting guns

Transport vehicles for hunters, fishermen, travelers
(outside road, cross-country vehicles)
    All a different outside road technique uses greater popularity for hunters, fishermen, lovers of extreme types of trips (outside road). It contingently, by both a necessity to move on a cross-country on the line of business and often by quality of existent roads.Presently industry takes not enough into account the queries of users and often people perfect an existent motor-vehicle. Our producers of cars, in times of the existence...
   From foreign outside roads deserves attention of Land Rover Defender. Preeminently cars of this brand outliving the several of modernizations, it was sold  these years enormous amount - order  two millions is new! On вездеходности there are not equal him. ...
  It is needed to pay attention on quadro cycle Dingo-250, grown man model utilitarian quadro cycle Kazuma ...
It hunts on ducks
    It hunts with a "assidenous" duck and scare-crows. Spring is time of formation of pair, therefore ducks sensitively react on appearance to itself similar. A "assidenous" (or manna) duck is a cross-breed between an usual wild duck and home duck - specially shown out for the leadthrough of hunt ...
  It hunts on ducks, perhaps, most widespread hunt of habitants of middle bar. Its basic objects are teal and  ducks. They are undemanding in the choice of habitats, meet and in the reed jungles of arms of the sea and on spaces of streamside lakes, and even in the bend of tiny brook or on forest, at times dryings up. The methods of hunt are various on this game. ...

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