Spring hunt on ducks                                              
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     Hunting for ducks in the spring is allowed every year. Possibility of opening of hunting and hunting dates are determined by regulatory authorities hunt. 
    Hunting with decoy duck decoys. Spring - time of pair formation, so the ducks are sensitive to the appearance of their kind. Decoy (or semolina), a duck - a hybrid between the common mallard and domestic duck - specially bred for hunting. She had almost complete resemblance to the wild duck (female), in addition, it is often grunts and the sound is very sensitive to the male drakes. Consequently, after helping in a specific location of the reservoir such "noisy" duck hunter, expects to see nearby drake and be able to shoot at him. If a decoy duck is not, use stuffed with imitation voices decoy bird special. In the spring hunting is allowed only shoot drakes, production of females is prohibited. 
     Hunting usually starts in mid-April, with arrivals of ducks. At this time, floodplains, meadows and a variety of fall in the forests are flooded with water. They are going to not only breeding birds, but also span. Therefore, besides hunting kryakovogo drake, which is preferred, it is possible to extract drakes other ducks. Pre-selecting the place most of the summer and planting of birds, build a tent. The trees are not foliated, and therefore the construction of the shelter should be taken very carefully. Sometimes the terrain bower prolonged or he unmasks among surrounding objects. In this case, the best of cheap light weight materials (calico), painted the color of the area, make cone-shaped cap. Its height is 130-140 cm, diameter 160 cm-cap cut holes for firing. One aspect of the dome is not sutured. This makes it easier for throwing by its skeleton or skeleton. For the core sufficiently 5-6 linked at the top and arranged in a circle bars. The success of hunting depends not only on well chosen location, but also on the ability of hunters to attract the right distance for shooting ducks. 
     At the foot decoy duck wearing a leather bracelet, to which is attached string. Utku planted on the water at 15-20 m from the hut. To keep it in the right place at the reservoir, in the bottom of the stick a wooden rod. At the end of his foster the free rotating disc to which is attached the string, going to the foot of a duck. The rod stuck into the bottom so as to drive was under water, but at the same time would be a place for a stool. This device ensures the free movement of ducks in a circle, and it does not get tangled up. A good decoy duck, released into the water, soon will give the same voice. Not far away you can set 2-3 dummies (wooden or rubber), other species of ducks found in the area, after having stopped their cords weighted. 
     Hunt drakes in the morning and evening. Morning in the wigwam came before dawn, in the evening - before sunset. In the hut sat quietly, not stick their guns. When firing is necessary to consider the situation in relation to the decoy sitting in wild ducks. For large-sized duck shooting buckshot № 4-5, medium and small - № 5-6.
Hunting in Ukraine 2009                   
It hunts on hare with hounds dogs

     Hunting with hounds is the beginning of the autumn-winter season up to the loss of deep snow hindered the work of dogs. Like other animals, hares escape persecution by certain paths and transitions, so-called lazami without leaving their individual populated areas. The art of the hunter is that, guided by the voices of dogs and the nature of terrain, seize animal to manhole well-aimed shot. 
     Hare hounds away from edges, roads, cuttings and glades, while the white hare prefers to escape under the forest canopy in the overgrown ravine and forced to cross a road, field or other open space uses jumpers from spruce, shrubs, weeds or other vegetation. This should be taken into account when the hunter raises all of Gon dogs or select "number" with a stationary hunting. 
     Determine what hare raised dogs, can the nature of terrain in the area of maturation of the beast, for his manner of leaving the dogs, as well as on the trail. Rusak, who mostly moved on compacted snow, open spaces, has a long, relatively narrow feet, while the white hare living in deep soft snow, walks on the broad, densely pubescent legs, as if on skis. Next Beljak more rounded and much larger hare, though the animal is smaller and lighter hare. 
     Beagle can be, and alone, but it's better to go hunting small (3-5 person) teams. Senior dogs (the owner or ranger) slowly progressing on common occurrence beast lands, encouraging the dogs to search for and trying to raise the voice of the Beast (urging the dogs). The remaining members of hunting to lift the beast or the start of estrus silently moving in all directions simultaneously run lead. Only raising or, as they say, perevidev hare can namanivat on his trail dogs pokrikom: "Here! Here! Here!". About the beginning of estrus, which sometimes started in the distance, so that some hunters may not hear it, decided to notify fellow hunting pokrikom loud: "Hey!" - And then hands begin to gently adjust to Gon or hides near the abandoned quarry maturation, which He often returns to the first round. This range is usually small, then gon can move far enough, and not to lose the dogs off the hearing, hunters should always trim to Gon, but the lead must always be "under dogs", especially during cleavage, when the hounds lose the trail . 
     After a successful shot hunter alerts about this fellow hunting cry: "He walked!" - And waiting for the dogs, rewards them pazankami (feet) hare.
It hunts by an espial in winter after the sprinkle of snow:

Chart of motion of the European hare-hare before lying:
1- tab
2-3 - doubling
4 -  lying

Aiming points:
1 - on a to escaping hare
2 - on a meeting hare
Numbers are shots, recommended for different objects and terms of hunt

Object of hunt              Spring (April-May)    Summer (August-September)    Autumn (October-November)    is the Winter (December-January)

A snipe, great snipe, 
female quail                             -                                          8-10                                          7-9                                           -
Woodcock                              7-8                                          8-9                                           6-7                                           -
Wild duck, pochards             4-5                                         5-6                                           3-4                                           -
Teal                                         6-5                                         7-6                                           6-5                                           -
Geese                                          -                                             -                                           1-2/0                                         -
Black grouse                          3-5                                          6-5                                          3-5                                            -
Hazel-hen                               -                                              7-6                                          6-5                                            -
Hare-foam                              -                                              -                                              3-4                                            3-2
European hare-hare              -                                              -                                             3-2                                             2-1
Fox                                           -                                               -                                             2-0                                            1-0

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Hunting for ducks in the autumn and summer
     Hunting for ducks, perhaps, the most common hunting population median strip. Its main objects teal and kryakovye ducks. They are undemanding in the choice of habitat found in the reed beds of marine bays and on the vast floodplain lakes, and even a tiny bend in the creek or the forest, sometimes ephemeral, bolotinkah.
Various methods of hunting on this game.
     Shooting in the morning and evening flights, perhaps, the most widespread and accessible even for novice hunters. At dawn and at sunset solitary birds, got up on the wing broods and grouped before flying south flock overfly their native waters, choosing a quiet place to feed and rest. Airways duck flocks tend to pass along the floodplain, the chain of lakes or bolotinok, on the edge of the thickets of reed, cattail or other above-water vegetation. Favourite places of fellowship and relaxation can be defined by the paths of clean water - dissolves, left by the ducks in the field, overextended duckweed. Moreover, in places of stay in the water birds are feathers of ducks. ...

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It hunts on the European hare

Hunting kitchen
     The high closeness of meat of game causes the necessity of his softening influence by the preliminary pickling. 
Basis of marinade is solution of ordinary or vine vinegar. ...

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