Transport vehicles for hunters, fishermen, travelers
(outside road, cross-country vehicles) (SUVs, ATVs)

     Has become increasingly popular among hunters, fishermen, lovers of extreme kinds of travel benefits from various off-road motor vehicles (SUVs). This is because, as the need to travel cross country on work, and often the quality of existing roads. Currently, industry is not sufficiently take into account the demands of consumers and often people themselves improve their existing vehicles. Our car manufacturers, over its lifetime than SUV-type "UAZ" and "Niva" - virtually nothing to offer serial output failed. Many Russians are building a skilled off-road vehicles on their own.
     For example, here's how to describe the site its transport equipment (vehicle,), the inventors of the Irkutsk Region "... move on native open spaces on the vehicle's own production. It's called" Crank, "in honor of the Bear, for which there are no barriers. Their homemade car-terrain looks pretty impressive: six wheels over a meter in diameter, big body, impressive size and capacity. And for all this, including the striking cross - the car is ridiculously simple. His heart - the engine the common "G". The drive to four wheel - a chain, but quite acceptable maneuverability is provided, in addition to the helm, snubs the left or the right pair of driving wheels. Add to that more than half a meter clearance. ... By the way, all-terrain vehicle and even swim. This helps tight body and voluminous tires of low pressure. So - it is also a homemade terrapin! " (Photo 1).
     An interesting variant of the Army all-terrain vehicle for those who like outdoor recreation, fishing and hunting, travel and tourism is offered on the site "Crank" - an army all-terrain vehicle all terrain, this comfortable hotel room, refrigerator, gas stove, water, hot water, radio, television ... (photo 2).
     From the industry produces off-road vehicles (SUVs) can be noted as follows:
Cross-LADA-Bronte-1922-20 exotic species, a vehicle 4x4, air movers low pressure. In developing the original design of the March pickup "used parts and automotive parts production SUV Niva, UAZ. "March pickup - a vehicle that has no analogues. Tire low pressure (due to the design: flexible, thin-walled, high strength cord) are putting pressure on the ground not more than 200 grams per square centimeter. This makes it possible for an SUV to move without damaging the upper layers of soil and vegetation. Tyre pressure is regulated depending on road conditions, virtually no impassable places for this SUV, it makes it indispensable to navigate in difficult conditions in the economy. High throughput is achieved as all-wheel drive, features in the transmission and the properties of tires. Characteristics allow this environmental SUV move freely through the deep snow, loose sand, easily overcome impassable swampland and other obstacles that arise on the way, including the water obstacles. Transport a large and heavy loads in off-road can open all-metal body, which is lengthened by 300 mm relative to the body 21214. Off-road is indispensable for extreme travelers, hunters and fishermen (photo 3).
     Another SUV all terrain vehicle GAZ-34091 "Beaver" is a universal transport technology for travel agencies, hunters, fishermen, individuals who prefer active forms of leisure, as well as oil and gas companies, geology, geophysics and energy, etc. Designed for use in severe road and climate conditions for the transport of people and goods outside of public roads on rough terrain predominantly in the Far North, Siberia and the Far East, (Picture 4).
     Of foreign SUV noteworthy Land Rover Defender. That car of this brand has suffered a number of upgrades were sold over the years a huge number - about two million! For cross-country it has no equal. The high ground clearance, powerful engine, permanent four-wheel drive, continuous bridges, locks and, of course, strong frame - that many components of success of this large angular SUV. Meanwhile, the salon he could be called ascetic, that does not diminish the popularity of this conqueror of mud.
     One should pay attention to such equipment: ATV Dingo-250, an adult model of utilitarian ATV Kazuma terrain. Maximum load of 200 kg and a powerful engine makes it unpretentious reliable vehicle for hunters and fishermen. Speed limiter, head lights, rear stop signal and clearance, adjustable shock absorbers, electric start, drum brakes, automatic chain tensioner, water cooling, the site for cargo, a tire-tread off-road (photo 5).

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