Hunting for ducks in the autumn and summer

     Hunting for ducks, perhaps, the most common hunting population median strip. Its main objects teal and kryakovye ducks. They are undemanding in the choice of habitat found in the reed beds of marine bays and on the vast floodplain lakes, and even a tiny bend in the creek or the forest, sometimes ephemeral, bolotinkah.
Various methods of hunting on this game.
     Shooting in the morning and evening flights, perhaps, the most widespread and accessible even for novice hunters. At dawn and at sunset solitary birds, got up on the wing broods and grouped before flying south flock overfly their native waters, choosing a quiet place to feed and rest. Airways duck flocks tend to pass along the floodplain, the chain of lakes or bolotinok, on the edge of the thickets of reed, cattail or other above-water vegetation. Favourite places of fellowship and relaxation can be defined by the paths of clean water - dissolves, left by the ducks in the field, overextended duckweed. Moreover, in places of stay in the water birds are feathers of ducks.
     By taking the vending location of their choice or as directed by the hunter, the hunter must first take care of disguise. Ducks are extremely far-dawn birds and the falling hunter, or sweep over him at an unattainable height if you note it in advance. But in the dusk they notice the danger worse. But at a time and accurate shooting ducks is becoming difficult.
     Best time to hunt ducks in flight - early dusk. To disguise themselves, it is enough to get into the bush or to become a cattail Curtain. If you hunt from a boat, it should drive into the thick vegetation above water or under the canopy of coastal scrub.
     In some cases, to mask should take care in advance. In the absence of sufficiently high thickets hunter to hide, we have to squat or stoop. But to defend the dawn in this situation is very difficult. It is therefore better in advance to ensure a comfortable seat in a block of wood or litter of branches, twigs or straw.
     In the open, far viewed lands with low vegetation successful hunt ducks is possible only if the shed or other shelter, which should hide the arrow, but does not interfere with aiming speed.
     On dry banks of the building shed is not difficult, but in some cases shelter has to build on the water. Then build a tent on the pavement or set in shallow reaches of the vats - casks wood or metal, camouflaged with vegetation and fortified with stakes, embedded in the bottom of the reservoir. And on the open islands and shores of appropriate build hut-hut, which would almost did not rise above ground level.
     At equipment skradka need to create a well-known convenience for long-term expectations and successful shooting. Tools seat so as to have a good overview and shoot ducks against the sunset. Autumn huts make oval bashmakoobraznoy shape with an open top to the rear wall of the overhanging better disguised hand, and leaning forward and erect, it was possible to shoot the projectile game.
    When hunting ducks choose the place for shooting to so as to bring down game fell to clean water, mowed meadow or in the low grass. Remember to place the fall of the birds as precisely as possible, noting every conspicuous mound, Curtain, in short, a point near where a duck fell. It happens that in the search knocked duck hunter unwittingly avoids the side, is the right place, or, conversely, does not reach him. In this case, it is useful to go back to the place of the shot. To restore the picture of the fall game, and then continue the search.
     Do not regret a shot to finish off a wounded animal. If he fell into the water, and then disappeared, to search for a wounded animal on the shore of a reservoir, and its edge. And, of course, can not hurry and go to knit, but the missing birds. We must do everything possible to trace a wounded animal. This will save him from suffering, and the hunter from the oppressive consciousness that he was senselessly ruined the bird.
     Shooting ducks for the day. For the day of rest and feeding the ducks choose to calm, surrounded by jungle reaches, where is not easy to get a man. Here they spend the daytime in the rest, care and feeding plumage. Set favorite places dnevok can podsmotrev where ducks descend at sunrise, flying away from the field before dawn utility bills. On the ground Dnevka ducks, as well as on zhirovochnyh, birds leave beading, feathers and droppings.
     Hunting for ducks for the day is produced in the late morning hours after the shooting at dawn. It requires perseverance and a great hunter of observation, but, in turn, impresses its quiet contemplative atmosphere, the rich sometimes trophies and the opportunity to watch the intimate lives of the birds when they are "at home". Shooting ducks for the day is made from an ambush, often sedentary birds.
     Brodova hunting ducks is captivating dynamic, so that the hunter does not wait while he searches for his good fortune. This hunting arrows - one or the dog - a leisurely rounds swampy thickets, inlets and ozerinki, raising the wing lurking game.
     ... Quietly approached pleso, inspection, whether it careless birds, fascinated by feeding. In most places soblaznitelnvh sit a little - do not come out a duck from the coastal sedge. Or vice versa, I'm trying to raise birds for a shot, making his way with dense thickets of noise and stamping their feet on the water. Sometimes it is sufficient only cautiously approach the pond, slamming his hands to lift water from heavy kryakasha and then throw him a good shot.
     Hunting for ducks with the entrance active and extremely interesting. The best way to hunt together, with one participant only shoots rising ducks, and other works on the oars, or pole vault.
     Silently, glides hunting canoe. The shooter sits or stands in the bow, ready to fire. Flight ducks always happens unexpectedly, shooting a duck with a moving boat is not easy, and the hunt is full of absorbing interest. Her success depends on both hands, and on his running mate, from his observation, knowledge of the reservoir and the habits of wild game.
     On the coast, many lakes and other large water bodies with sparse vegetation is best to hunt ducks with a low sitting on the water with boats shuttering, which hinders zahlestyvaniyu water. The front part of a boat equipped with a kind of camouflage of branches, cattail or reed, which are knitted wire in the form of mat or carpet and fixed in the special ear along the boards. Such "zakustovka" allows sometimes even get close to the cowshed span dives, sitting on the open water. By closing only the bow of a boat, it does not interfere with the sixth or oar. When it becomes necessary to pull two wing paddles, camouflage quickly removed, trimmed in a roll and laid on the bottom of the boat.
     Hunting for ducks and stuffed decoy ducks made out of the shed or camouflaged in a thicket boat in late autumn during the gross flight north, mostly ducks.
     This is usually prey on large reservoirs with large pools are open water - a favorite vacation spot dives. Hunting ducks out of the hut in the summer and autumn, it is useful to plant a rubber or wooden effigy kryakovoy ducks and 2-3 Chirkova slightly to one side. When the hunt for transiting dives, use appropriate types of stuffed animals: 8-10 and more, to simulate a flock of these sociable birds. Do not interfere because the same 1-2 decoy ducks, which are planted at a distance from scarecrows to their leashes, leash not confused and do not accidentally touch shot their own assistants.
     This happens a lot of hunting blunders and uplyvshih wounded game. Diving ducks sitting in water depth, the water rises, only the upper back, neck and head. Top backs not name the killer venue, and head and neck often enclose shot. To improve matters, many hands are attracted charges of buckshot and so only increases the number of misses. To them it was less need to shoot birds, not more than 35 meters, take aim at Nyrka on the contact line of the body with the surface water (do not shoot to the top, as it were, under the bird), use of lead shot № 3-4. If a duck after a shot is showing signs of life, it should immediately finish the second charge.

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