Nature and Hunting in Ukraine
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    In the last few years many scientists devoted the labours description of role of predators in the natural complex of wild zoons, including in the conditions of cultural landscape, controlled a man. On this soil opinion gave birth of positive role of wolves in the hunting growing, which allegedly carry an irreplaceable sanitary corps, destroying weak wild and home zoons and taking away a carrion.
   Etu an update version was caught up by some journalists. In the total in hunting literature and the articles, in which authors acknowledged wolves useful predators, make healthy populyatsiyu, began in a periodic seal to appear. At the same time the same authors acknowledged the very opposite point of view, counting, for example, foxes and trochee also by useful predators, but already as make healthy populyatsiyu not mise and rats, but as destroyers of these rodents.


     As an object of hunt a wild wild boar presents the most valuable and tempting trophy for a hunter. It is explained not only that a wild wild boar gives delicious and valuable on the qualities meat, combining taste of pork and game, but also that it hunts on him accompanied certain difficulties and is large sporting interest. Besides knowledge of biological features and ways of beast, a hunter to perfection must own trade of application of existent methods and receptions of hunt on a wild boar, to possess self-control and courage, because even at the modern state of hunting shooting-iron it hunts on this beast attended with the known danger.
     For an inexperienced hunter a wild boar is an unattainable game. Such hunter not only will not be able to extract him, but frequently deprived possibility to discover and see.

Hunting in Ukraine 2009                   
Video life of animals: life of animals - wolves, foxes, and others. Hunting for a different game (fowl).

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