Selecting a gun for hunting

Before each novice hunter gets the problem of choosing a gun for hunting.

Currently, hunters provided a wide choice of hunting guns from low-cost domestic production to more expensive imports various brands of rifles, some of them at a price close to the value of the car business class. Of course, expensive guns have higher reliability and greater aesthetic appeal, thanks to expensive inlay , engraving, they are more high quality assembly and fitting of parts, the stability of the battle.

At the same time hunting for most species of game it is suitable inexpensive modern guns, which, when caring for the hunter to be able to reliably serve for life. The right choice, ranging ordinary rifles, ammunition selection can ensure the quality of the battle, almost giving way to guns.

The most widely used and known for our low-cost hunting rifles, a shotgun brands IZH (IMZ) and TOZ (Tula Weapons Plant). On the advantages and disadvantages of a particular model is much written on the pages of the Internet and various literature on arms. Summing up the information, we may assume that this gun about the same quality, different design, the constituent elements of mechanisms.

There is a gun battle with high accuracy (typically a bench gun, weighing up to 3.8 kg), or, conversely, with a broad talus at short distances (a gun with a shortened barrel and with some drilling). If the hunter is going to basically hunt, for example, on grouse in the woods, on the grouse, the heap beating the gun in this case does not fit. At the same time to hunt ducks in the autumn flights to oblavnoj hunting for wild boars, wolves need to heap beating the gun. However, if there is no priority in the hunt, it is better to buy a universal gun, which is a double-barreled shotgun with a barrel drilling popular Chalk and poluchok. Specific equipment cartridges can always necessary to increase the accuracy of the battle, or vice versa to spreading.

Weight modern gun ranges 2.7 - 3.4 kg, which is quite suitable for running most of the hunters hunt.

When choosing a gun is better to prefer 12-gauge, although guns 16, 20 calibers easier and sometimes better way to hunt.

By location shotgun barrels are made in a vertical arrangement of tree trunks and the horizontal. With vertical are more attractive, but some hunters are accustomed to fire a gun with horizontal shafts believe that, "gorizontalok" easier to aim.

Available now in the sale of guns in the main beskurkovye. The firing mechanism and bolt in such guns are now well worked out, and when properly handled such a gun safe.

Shotguns are also different in design impactor, shutter, the presence of the ejector (ejector used cartridges) or the extractor.

When choosing a gun in the store is impossible to verify all the features and quality of guns, but mainly on what we believe is necessary to pay attention, we give below.

Select a gun to start with a tour of the barrels. Barrels are separated from the box and check the quality of the outdoor treatment. This stems muzzle directed towards the light, turned at a slight angle to the light, inspect the outer surface. The surface should be smooth, without waves, concavities. Planks should be straight, without bias, without gaps well soldered.

Looking to tifically proven parts you need to check whether the axis is not shifted with respect to the chamber by the barrel. This will affect the uniformity of the battle.

They check the trunk. The trunk should be straight the entire length. This can be judged by the shadow concentricity rings. Through a barrel on the border of dark and light background windows in the barrel can be seen a number of concentric rings of shadow - a reflection of the muzzle. Qualitatively, the trunk, these rings should be uniformly spaced (concentric). Convergence or divergence of rings on the sides of the stem indicates the curvature of the barrels.

There is a more accurate way to check the straightness of shafts. Standing at a distance of 2-3 meters away from the windows, trunks sent the barrel in the middle of the upper glass window frame. The eyes should be at a distance of 6-8 cm from the breech. This barrel is illuminated evenly. You then slowly raise the muzzle before the meeting with the frame window. At the bottom of the barrel will be a shadow (see Figure 1). Depending on the quality of the shadow of the barrel will have the appropriate shape (see Figure 1. 1 - a good cylindrical barrel, 2 - barrel chokovoy drilling with good editing, 3 - cylindrical barrel drilling bend to the right, 4 - the trunk is bent in front chokes, 5 - trunk chokovoy drilling blown in two places, 6 - trunk chokovoy drilling, polishing, or affected by shustovke, light shows snags metal). The audits are conducted as a breech and a muzzle.

Then you need to check the tightness of fit barrels to block. To do this, not putting on the forend, invest in the stocks and barrels with a public key lock check for swinging trunks. In the shotgun, with careful adjustment of barrels swing should not be.

Inspection of the box is to test the Tie-metal parts in a tree. It must be thorough, without gaps, the layers of wood should be parallel to the upper edge of the cervix box.

Finally check prikladistost gun. Known saying: "Shoot the barrels, and gets the bed." Indeed the bed should make the most appropriate to the physical data of the arrow, with the barrels will be automatically directed to the desired target point with vskidyvanii guns (rifles prikladistost). First check the length of the box. Place the rifle butt pad on the bent arm, the box is pressed against the forearm (see Figure 2). It is considered the normal length of the box, if the index finger first phalanx freely placed on the front trigger. Check prikladistosti gun is as follows. Taking the gun, take the original to the firing position. Closing his eyes, head butt pressed against the shoulder and cheek to the stock. When you open your right eye and observe the situation on the front sight sight leaf. Prikladistym can be considered a gun, in which the fly can be seen in whole or part of it, but exactly in the middle of the sight leaf and the strap is not visible or is visible at 1-2 mm. Of course, the maximum adjustment of the stock can only be implemented when ordering a gun and his piece manufacture. Serially produced guns mainly oriented to the average shooter. If necessary, you can also make adjustments prikladistosti, placing the pads under the back plate of the box, or to improve the box in a specialized workshop.

There are different types of rifles - single-, double-barreled with vertical shafts and horizontal shafts, shop machines, combined (smooth and rifled barrel). Every type of gun has its own advantages in certain cases. However, the most universal and popular are the double-barreled shotguns. Among their advantages: double barrel allows you to have a gun barrel different cartridges, different drilling shafts allows from one barrel to shoot at close range at large, breakage of one of the castles (misfire) makes it possible to shoot from the other.

The figures in the article guidelines for choosing a gun do not pretend to a comprehensive manual on quality assurance guns and perfect choice of the best. At the same time knowledge of the above recommendations will help the beginner hunter to avoid gross errors in choosing a gun.

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