There is a long-standing tradition of hunting tourism and many hunting-grounds. In central Croatia and Slavonia, stag, deer, wild boar, fox, rabbit, pheasants, wild geese and wild ducks are hunted. In Gorski Kotar and Lika there is the possibility to hunt bears, and in Dalmatia chamois and mouflon are hunted. The hunting-grounds in Croatia are for the most part the property of the Republic of Croatia (state owned hunting-grounds); there are approximately 540 grounds with a surface area of 2,191,296 hectares. State owned hunting-grounds are under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture and Tourism or the County Chamber of Commerce; most often they are leased by various hunting societies, companies, or individuals who organize commercial hunting activities.
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Hunting tourism  /  Safari in an American way
   Well, and North America? It disbelieves that it remained indifferent to the benefits which are promised by hunting business on foreigners. There indeed is the organized tourism - safari in the USA. There was he as follows.
In South Dakote the number of hunters was constantly increased and them a game, dwelling on state earths, left off to satisfy. Zoons, propagating oneself in private domains and doing damage to agriculture, traded not enough. Guessing demand on good hunt, five farmers reacted on it cleanly in an American way: in 1966 they united for organization on the earths of requiring payment hunt. In 1970 three partner joined in with them. Arising up co-operative enterprise it was decided to name... "A safari is in Dakote". His area 25,6 km2. It is sizes of the middle hunting growing.
   An unusual safari (tourism) is satisfied quickly conquered popularity. The number of visitant an economy hunters was increased from 8 in 1966 to 56 in 1970 They decide either on the special equipped with modern amenities base or in the farmsteads of farmers. The guests one type of hunt is offered to: on the bulls of deer with the captured horns. Paying for one hunting day made in 1970 on the average 62,5 &. From them: to the landowner 20 $., to accompanying being a guest of on lands 11, food (delivered in the prepared kind from the nearest small town) 9, dwelling 5, insurance 5, administrative charges 5, the overhead costs of economy 10,5 &. All these sums levied from every hunter. At the increase of paying for one hunting day to 75 $. (and it was set) the profit of landowner will make 20-45 $. from every hunting-day, depending on character and set of the given services. In theory every farmer is a member of cooperative store - can get for a season a profit in a size to 36 thousand of $., if at piebald 10 persons will hunt during 10 days.
   Unknown, how many foreign hunters - tourists were visited by the described co-operative hunting growing. But that "Safari exists in Dakote", is a fact. Moreover, in this state for example of the first there were other economies. Hunt on an exotic game is sold by the landed interests of Texas and Gavay.
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Hunting and fishing tourism
  Participating of foreign hunters is in hunt, organized the members of Association of "Rosokhotrybolovsoyuz"
1. Large interest for foreign hunters causes spring hunt on a wood grouse and black grouse. The special predilection for this hunt is shown by the Austrian and German hunters. They arrive, as a rule, by groups for 10 -15 man. Spring 2008 years was not an exception. Most successfully it hunts on a wood grouse and black grouse was organized Yaroslavl, Kirovskim, Vologda, Vladimirskaya, Tverskim societies of hunters and fishermen.
2. For the American hunters in spring 2008 years large interest was caused by hunt on a brown bear on Kamchatka. Kamchatka society of hunters  conducted such hunt in the huntings lands fastened after him. Hunt were effective. The trophies of the obtained beasts strike the sizes. The separate hides of bears arrived at in length to the 3th meters.
3. Autumn season of hunt 2008 years in Russia now in a height. Most interest of foreign hunters is caused by hunt  on the European elk, Siberian roe deer, snow ram, Kuban round, soiled other
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Hunting tourism develops in Byelorussia.
   The more popular in Byelorussia are become by huntings rounds. Huntings lands in a republic occupy 19 million hectares. 20 types of huntings zoons and about 30 types of birds dwell in the Byelorussian forests. It is here possible to extract included in ten of the most desirable European trophies of wild wild boar, and also roe deer, deer, wood grouse. The Byelorussian trophies are considered most high-quality. So, a wild wild boar is 300 kilograms clean, without the entrails of weight, while in Germanium a supertrophy is consider a 120-kilogram wild wild boar. All hunting-boxes are equipped on modern standards. The tourists numbers are offered to also city caravanseries. The presidential program on creation of exemplary huntings bases supposes further development of this type of tourism, a newspaper "Young People of Estonia writes".
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