Keeping a dog in the yard. It is best to keep the dog in the yard in a dry, shed light, or by making a paddock, put it in a good warm booth.
     Keep hunting dog on a chain is not desirable. But if there is no other possibility, that contain the chain. The chain must be of sufficient length, lightweight, sturdy and with a carbine, the dog is not entangled. A dog needs to be done daily, morning and evening walk for 1,5 hours.
     The room for the dog to do so to the summer was the protection from the heat and in winter from the cold wind and snow.
     The best bedding for dogs - straw, which must be changed once or twice a week. In addition, twice a month to disinfect the premises by the dog wash the floor and walls with hot water solution creoline.
     Dog excrement must be removed daily and burrow
or discharged into the sewer network.
     Keeping a dog in the apartment. Most hunters include hunting dogs, especially the cops, in the apartment. When the content of the dog in the apartment must be given a permanent seat, which she knows well, and will always be there to lie.
     As for the dog bed out of boards arranged frame, which stretched canvas. In order to avoid a dog in the absence of the owners did not go to the apartment and not pogryzla things that need to screw the bolt in the floor with a ring and tie it to the dog. For the administration needs to show a dog on the street or release into the yard, if it is isolated. Morning and evening, must-do walk.
     Care for dogs. To the dog was healthy and not exposed to illness, her need to install the proper care, which includes not only its feeding and cleaning, but also skin care dog. The dog must wash, comb and brush, removing the skin and wool dust and dirt. It improves digestion and normal metabolism in animals.
      Especially in spring, when the dog is a change of hair, should be closely care for her skin, to help quickly get rid of old wool.
     We must daily inspect the dog's ears and rub them with cotton soaked in hydrogen peroxide solution, then wipe the ear dry. To kill insects dog should be washed at least once a month in lukewarm water with a solution creoline (1-2 tablespoons creoline a bucket of water) solution creoline ordinary wash with soap, then wipe dry with a dog. After she obsohnet, hair combed. In summer, warm weather, good to bathe dogs in the river or pond clean running.
     The dog must train every day, as regular traffic necessary for the development and strengthening muscles. Few moving dogs grow fat, lose their form, became lethargic and nevynoslivymi.
     Feeding. Nutrition plays a major role in preserving life and health of dogs in their physical development. Pet dogs should be given good quality and at fixed hours, morning and evening. Number of food should be such that the dog was fed, but to avoid overloading the stomach.
     Food should be given at room temperature. Do not feed the dog after her work, and to rest and only then eat. After giving foods can not, the dog immediately to perform a job, it's harmful effect on her body.
     Food should be given a varied and fresh, but not prokisly or started to deteriorate. If the dog is not finished the food, the remnants of his need to remove and not leave for doedaniya.
     Care should be taken to dishes for feeding was clean, washed with boiling water.
     Food for dogs must contain the required number of proteins and carbohydrates. Approximate daily feed dog rules: adult - meat or fish, 400-500 g, cereal or oatmeal 500-b00 g, 200-250 g of vegetables, 20 grams of salt, water volume in the stern of 4 liters. The daily rate for calving and lactating females increased by 25% and given, moreover,
     Pustovka, viscous. Pustovkoy (oestrus) is a state of females, when she is sexually aroused, associated with the maturation of her eggs. During this period, female dog to permit binding.
     Sexual maturity of females occurs earlier than the females to reach full physical development. First pustovka it occurs in 8 to 12 months of age, and full physical development of a bitch up to 2-3 years. Therefore, the first time to knit a bitch must not earlier, as at the age of eighteen months.
     Physically healthy bitch put a couple of times a year, about 6 months. But there are females who are empty once a year or two years to three. Duration pustovki to 25 days.
     The first sign pustovki is swelling of the outside of the penis (loops) and the appearance of vaginal bleeding. Female becomes restless, flirts with the cables, trying to run away from home.
     Spotting for 8-10 day is being phased out, and allows males to female matings. Willingness to admit female dog checked stroking her hand on her back. If the bitch is ready for mating, then it turns its back on the tail side. When knitting cables and female must be on leashes, in addition, the bitch should be kept by the collar with both hands, placing her head between her legs. If a bitch snarls, then you need to put a muzzle on her, otherwise she may bite a dog. With the right mate in dogs is skleschivanie, at this moment must be careful to throw a dog leg on one side of some females and males, and keep a bitch by the collar before the end of mating, not letting them go in different directions, so as not to damage the reproductive organs. The duration of mating is 15-25 minutes. Again (control) binding produced a day after the first.
    Pupping and caring for puppies. Pupping occurs in 62 to from the moment of mating, but may be deviations in 2-3 days. In the first month after mating for the female does not require special care, you need only monitor its power to make it in the normal body, not thin and plump, and always should be used for hunting, but do not overdo it. In the second month of a bitch must be protected from sharp, quick movements, bruises, separated from other dogs, if they exist. Hunting should not be taken, and provide daily long walks.
     To bitch was healthy, and future progeny properly developed and grew, her food must be improved by the addition of raw meat, milk, fresh vegetables and the best products. It is recommended to give a daily ration of fish oil and 30 e, meat and bone meal or rybokostnoy 1950
      For 5-b, days before Dolgaya Cliff bitch is necessary to prepare a special place and move it there, for the bed to use a small, but spacious box, putting him on a bed sack, put a thick rug should not be. Approximately one day before Dolgaya Cliff female stops eating, for 5-6 hours before giving birth, she nervously. After this start attempts, and then born, with some intervals, puppies. The duration of labor depends on the number of pups, typically give birth from 6 to 12 hours. Puppies in a litter is 5-8, but sometimes more, to 10-12.
     Puppies are born blind receive their sight, and for 12-13 days. Puppies in the litter bitch Shchenya the first time, we must leave 4-5, in females, which already had puppies - 6-7, no more. In the first two or three days after Dolgaya Cliff disturb bitch should not be. Then you make a selection of puppies. If a dog owner wants to keep the entire litter, the puppies can take part and put it to another bitch (nurse), which is prepared in advance.
     Fed female pups up to 1,5-2 months is recommended to keep the puppies under the bitch not less than 30-45 days, and then take it away. By this time the milk a little bitch and puppies can eat independently.
     Feed the puppies begin with a 3-week-old lukewarm milk 2-W times a day, in the age of one month is given milk gruel, and later the meat broth - once a day. With 1.5 months of age at the time of weaning the puppy he is given a mince of raw meat, with 3 months of age laid to give and bone.
     Feed the puppies should be as follows: up to 2 months old - through the bottom of every hour from 2 to S months - 5-6 times a day, from W to 6 months - 4 times a day, from 6 to 10 months - 3 times a day and 10 months of age - 2 times a day, as adult dogs.
     The food should be given in small portions, so that Puppy ate everything. Overfeed puppies should not be.
     Pups need to change the litter more often, keep dry and bright room, it will save them from insects.
     Keep the puppies should be separated from adult dogs, best of all, making a small paddock. In addition, but daily for probably a long time to free the puppies, so they frolic and acquainted with the surroundings. Since puppies should be treated gently, to avoid grave rebukes, and in any case not to apply the whip.
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