Good and properly filled cartridges greatly affect the fighting shotgun, and hence the result of hunting. Poor Quality hunting ammunition (especially gunpowder, primers, powder wads), as well as careless or improper equipment of the cartridges will not give a good fight, even in expensive shotguns high combat qualities. Hence it is quite clear need for careful attention to the filling of cartridges (selection of benign components of the cartridge, maturing technology and equipment, etc.). Currently there are no problems with the acquisition of ready filled cartridges of various manufacturing firms. However, to verify the quality of these cartridges, to the extent these or other suitable just for your gun and make sure to hunt in a good fight to make good sighting a gun. It must be remembered that sound defeat game achieved hit in her 4-5 Drobin appropriate numbers and with appropriate field of battle (flight speed shot at the time of the meeting not less than 190-200 m / s).
     To varying literature, instructions for filling cartridges are installed developer of weapons of normal size shell fraction and the charge of gunpowder for guns of different calibers (you can also see Some considered that a normal shell fractions must be equal to 1 / 100 the mass of the gun, and the charge is widely used smokeless powder Sokol, for example, 12-gauge shotguns should be equal to 1 / 16 the mass of the projectile shot. For other gauges to determine the ratio of the charge a little more. Based on the above, determine an approximate value of the mass fractions of the projectile and the charge of powder for guns of different calibers:
12 Caliber: 32g (projectile shot) - 2,00 g (gunpowder "Falcon")
16 Caliber: 32g (projectile fraction) - 1,8 g (gunpowder "Falcon")
20 gauge: 32g (projectile fraction) - 1,6 g (gunpowder "Falcon")

     The values of the projectile and the charge fraction of powder in a small range may vary. Typically, the accuracy of weighing gunpowder Sokol should be no worse than 0.05 g and the range of variation of normal weight for a 12-gauge shotguns 2,00-2,20 g. When the cartridges are loaded to focus on the instructions attached to any type of gunpowder. It should be borne in mind that the dangerous increase in pressure in the gun barrel may lead, as an increase in the charge of gunpowder, and an increase in the shell fraction. The magnitude of the pressure affects the quality of wads, the force applied at gear, etc.
     The smaller caliber gun, the less the charge of powder to produce the same pressure and initial velocity. With an increase in the charge of powder obtained by sharpening the battle (big speed projectile), and decreases accuracy.
     The task of zeroing shotgun is to determine (usually standard at a distance of 35 m) accuracy of the battle, sharpness, accuracy, consistency, uniformity of debris.
Zeroing shotgun charging party cartridges from several series that are different parameters and technology equipment, or take a few ready-made ammunition manufacturers.
     Accuracy of battle is determined by the deviation of the talus fraction of the aiming point. Shooting is to stop, as a rule, a large fraction. Center debris shall not deviate from the aiming point for more than 10 cm
     Sharpness fight this penetration fraction. Excellent sharpness is such as when shooting the shield of planed pine boards dried grains penetrate into the wood more than three of its diameter. Good - 2-3 diameter and satisfactory to 1,5-2 diameter.
     Accuracy of the battle rifle is the percentage of holes in a circle with a diameter of 75 cm at a distance of 35 m relative to the total number of pellet in shells. Accuracy can be considered excellent:
- For cylindrical barrel drilling ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 35%
- ... ... ... ... ... Cylinder with the pressure ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. 45-55%
- ... ... ... ... .... Poluchoka (0,5 mm) ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 60%
- ... ... ... ... ... ... Csoka (0,5-0,75 mm) ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 70%
- ... ... ... ... ... .. Reinforced Csoka (0,8-1,2 mm) ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... 80-90%
    The constancy of the battle. If a series of 5-10 shots difference accuracy of better or worse shot does not exceed 25-30% of the average accuracy of the projectile, the fight can be considered constant.
     The uniformity is determined by the nature of the debris location holes on the square across the target, ie the number of affected shares at least one pellet. The more affected shares, so evenly distributed round the square target.
     To determine the considered indicators used stodolnaya target diameter of 75 cm (see figure).

Stodolnaya target of fire: Centre - 5 cm in diameter, the circle A - 25,2 cm, -39.6 cm, P -52 cm, D - 63.8 cm, E - 75 cm
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